Weather Forecast


Windguru is very popular with windsurfers and sailors locally and seems to give fairly accurate predictions for windspeed and gives other information such as wind gusts, wave height and duration etc.
It's been modified slightly to show the information that we are more interested in, namely windspeed in miles per hour (mph), wind direction, temperature, cloud cover and rainfall. And here it is:

If you don't see any forecast above you can see it at Windguru by clicking here.
However, the weather and specifically the wind can be quite different at the airfield. If you are unsure contact one of the members. Just contact us with your email address and contact phone number, we will then call or email you back with the contact details of someone that will be able to help you.

Met Eireann

Check out the regional forecast for Connaught by clicking here.


If you're still looking for a glimmer of hope that the weather might be on your side (well, hopefully you won't have to resort to this!) then check out the forecast for Sligo here.

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